As any business owner knows, keeping accurate and organized records throughout the year means less headache during tax season. This is no less true for agricultural landowners. Staying up-to-date with one’s business records is an integral part of managing your land, and contributes a great deal to being a profitable. While some people enjoy this […]

You’ve made the decision to engage the help of a Land Management Company to aid you in your farm ownership needs. What happens next? Fortunately, while the decision to turn to a land manager can be initially difficult, it is good to know that the ultimate goal of a land manager coincides with your own […]

A wide array of farmers, landowners, ag policy makers, lenders, and real estate investors met in early June to take a look at the current farm trends happening across the nation, and how US Ag Policy may need to adapt as a result of these changes. The meeting, hosted by the Farm Foundation, Bank of […]

As years go, 2016 is a significant one for the United Farm & Ranch Management team. July marked the 85th year of United Farm & Ranch Management service to agricultural landowners and operators in the state of Nebraska and neighboring states. UFARM is proud of its long and storied history and is eager to build on […]

Things are heating up across the Cornhusker state, and many landowners are starting to turn their attention to the conditions of their pastureland as well as that of their cropland. According to the latest NASS data, for the week ending July 10th, across Nebraska pasture and range conditions rated 2 percent very poor, 2 percent […]

Farmers and landowners continually look for ways to make the most of their farming operations. Whether they focus on advancing technology, better machinery, or new irrigation techniques, increasing their bottom line is an ever-present pursuit. For many landowners in Nebraska, enrolling a portion of their farmland in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is a good […]

  Ahead of the three day holiday weekend, the USDA released its quarterly Acreage and Grain Stocks reports, and Nebraska landowners and producers hoped that the numbers would play out favorably for commodities prices. Unfortunately for corn prices, the report indicated far more corn acres planted than previously stated in March, resulting in another slump […]

When it comes to most things in life, the saying “Know your options, or you don’t have any” is generally correct. This is certainly true for those who find themselves the inheritors of farmland. While oftentimes these recipients are already farmers themselves, it is increasingly common for non-farm children to receive land as an inheritance […]

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