There’s no question that this spring’s planting season continues to be a long, drawn out process, due mostly to increased rainfall activity that has prevented farmers from getting into the fields for more than a day or two at a time. This is largely attributable to the strongest El Niño weather pattern on record since […]

Continued rain events have hampered efforts’ in the fields for many farmers in the major planting states so far, although significant gains were made in the last week. Monday’s USDA Crop Progress Report for the week ending May 8 saw 64 percent of the nation’s corn planted, in comparison with 45 percent last week. This […]

  One of the many challenges facing Nebraska landowners are high property taxes and they continue to be a top concern, and for good reason: The Tax Foundation’s 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index ranked Nebraska 12th highest in property taxes and 26th highest in income taxes in the nation. In fact, property taxes account […]

Despite myriad opinions regarding ethanol mandates among the US population, and even among farmers themselves, four out of the five remaining presidential candidates support the continuance of the 2005 congressional mandate. Also known as the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), it requires refiners to blend enormous amounts of biofuel, mostly corn-based ethanol, into gasoline. Many corn […]

  Amid continuing low commodity prices, farmers across the state are facing challenges heading into the 2016 growing season. As expected, land values and rental rates are following suit. According to preliminary findings from the latest University of Nebraska–Lincoln Farm Real Estate Market Survey, ag producers will contend with tighter margins for servicing rent and […]

With the 2016 growing season just around the corner, farmers are not only busying themselves with planting preparation, but also with insurance coverage decisions. The deadline to sign up for crop insurance coverage is March 15. With the latest Farm Bill rollout, Revenue Protection crop insurance has taken the spotlight as not only simply another […]

Of the numerous decisions to be made by farmers and landowners, many deal with farm leases. Often, questions arise when it comes to leasing matters, be they large questions (how much should I charge?) or smaller questions (are grain bins included in my lease?) However, it’s very important to know your leasing options, especially now […]

We’ve written a lot about land values—their steady rise over the last decade, their leveling off in 2014-15, and their continued substantial portfolio value to farmers and non-farmers alike. With lower commodities prices, combined with an interest rate increase and more likely to come, will farmland values continue to be a sought after asset? What […]

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