As farmers and landowners look toward the 2017 growing season, they’re also keeping a close eye on the Nebraska State Legislature. Several bills addressing property tax relief are on the Legislative agenda, and farmers and landowners are keenly interested in seeing some form of progress in this arena. Leading the charge is newly elected state […]

Estate planning and estate tax is a tiresome subject, and one that most of us would just like to sweep under the rug. However, it remains one of the most important matters that farmers and landowners attend to—the failure of which can result in scenarios ranging from annoying to nightmarish.   At UFARM, we field […]

We’ve covered the topic of leasing a number of ways—the main types of leases and their applications, how to arrive at a mutually satisfying landowner/tenant agreement, and the best way to go about deciding which type of leasing agreement is right for your situation. We’ve also talked a lot about the importance of writing down […]

  After a stunning upset, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is preparing to take the reins from President Obama in January. His election was propelled by overwhelming support from rural voters—many among them farmers and landowners, who hold out hope for policies that may help ease the burdens that are falling on themselves and their […]

As we learned after the latest USDA land market conditions update in August, land values and cash rental rates have nearly all decreased since 2015, mostly as the result of lower grain commodity prices. These market conditions have triggered interest among some landowners to consider converting Nebraska cropland back into pastures. In addition, while average […]

As farmers begin to wrap up harvest 2016 amidst low grain prices, it’s no surprise that cash rental rates across the state and region have followed suit. The USDA released its annual update on farmland market conditions in August, and highlighted the drop in US land values and rental rates nearly across the board. Nationally, […]

Harvest is in full swing across the Cornhusker State. Soybean harvest is nearing completion as farmers hasten to bring in what they can while the weather conditions remain favorable. UFARM manager Mike Waller, located in Kearney, notes, “the harvest progress in the South Central part of the state is moving along at a rapid pace, […]

  Amid the many challenges that face farmers and landowners across Nebraska, a continued concern is high property taxes. With the plummeting grain prices over the last 3 years, and with the skyrocketing property tax rates of the last 10 years—which have increased 176 percent—it’s no wonder landowners and producers are hoping for property tax […]

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