One can analyze interest rates, foreign economies, grain supplies, and input costs all day long, but when it comes to farming, in the end, the old adage is true: It all depends on the weather. As Nebraska farmers plow through the drifts left by Winter Storm Kayla, they’re already thinking about planting season just around […]

Remember when crude oil was around $150 a barrel, around 8 years ago? Most people do, especially if you had to fill up a tank of fuel in your car or tractor. enjoy a complex relationship with the price of oil, and now, with oil prices vastly lower—under $30 a barrel earlier this week—farmers are […]

It has long been anticipated that the Federal Reserve would be raising the interest rate in the foreseeable future, and last month it finally actualized. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen announced in December that the interest rate would increase from 0-0.25 percent to 0 .25-0.50 percent. While not a large increase, the raise will still […]

For the past several months, both US economists and farmers have been keeping a close watch of the economic health of China. Despite the fact that it’s on the other half of the globe, China’s economy has many effects on our own, namely in the agriculture sector, as the Chinese government is the largest importer […]

Last year, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) conducted a survey of all landlord owners of agricultural land in the US. The survey, called the 2014 Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (TOTAL) Survey, was the first of its kind done by NASS since 1999. The purpose of the survey was to provide […]

If you are a farmer and/or landowner, your chances of being involved in the sale or acquisition of land is almost certain. As such, you are probably already familiar with a useful real estate tool known as a 1031 exchange. Put simply, a 1031 exchange is a deferment of the capital gains tax on the […]

With the advent of satellite technology over the last two decades, many Nebraska farmers are implementing Precision Agriculture (PA) managing techniques on their farmland. Also known as Site Specific Crop Management (SSCM), the practice involves managing land based on observing, measuring, and responding to inter- and intra-field variability in crops. Precision Ag revolves around the […]

Whether you’re renting out your farmland or paying rent, it’s important to know your leasing options. A variety of lease types exist, and based on your relationship with your landlord and/or tenant, both parties can opt for the one that suits them the best. With the fluctuating land values and commodity prices that have characterized […]

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