Demand continues to grow in the nation for organically produced foods and grains, and many farmers and landowners across the nation are joining the growing organic trend. Nebraska farmers have also been taking notice. The increasing demand for certified organic products and food are opening up new markets, and many Nebraska farmers are stepping in […]

Four major crop reports were released on January 10th by the USDA. More bullish-than-expected data in the corn market came as a surprise to many market analysts after largely bearish predictions prior to the release of the reports. On the whole, the USDA reflected higher than anticipated estimated corn stocks, neutral bean stocks, and bearish […]

After multiple short-term extensions on the Farm Bill—the latest of which expired on December 31st—lawmakers are set to resume the next legislative session, and USDA secretary Tom Vilsack is confident that a deal can be reached on an updated version, and that it can be put up to a vote this month. Conferees on the […]

As we roll into 2014, farmers and landowners are looking ahead to see what the new year will mean for commodity prices and land values. One of the main indicators affecting these prices is the interest rate. Producers wonder whether they will see an increase in interest rates in 2014, and if so, how that […]

As 2013 winds down, farmers and landowners turn their attention to the Nebraska Legislature, which convenes for another Legislative Session in January. One of the main issues that the legislature will discuss is the need for property tax relief, a top concern of not only farmers and landowners, but also of Nebraskans as a whole. […]

While corn and soybeans are the dominant crops grown in Nebraska, many farmers are also looking toward maximizing their land’s efficiency and productivity by adding cover crops like turnips and radishes to their usual crop rotations. There are multiple benefits to planting a cover crop. Planting cover crops to fallow fields improves soil structure, reduces […]

When it comes to many aspects of farm ownership, having a good idea of what the farm is worth serves as the basis from which many important decisions are made. Estate planning, dividing land among children, determining fair rental fees or lease terms, and tax or legal issues all depend on an accurate farmland appraisal. […]

When it comes to land management, one aspect that many landowners often put off for “tomorrow” is planning their estate’s transfer to future generations. However, estate planning is one of the most important actions landowners can take to ensure that one of their greatest assets is handled in a smooth manner once retirement age is […]

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