With all the new advances in agriculture cropping up over the last several years—whether it’s advances in equipment or developments in seed hybrids—perhaps none is doing more to change the farming landscape than the advent of precision agriculture. Farmers across the nation are turning toward this technological innovation, and are readily seeing its myriad benefits […]

It’s severe weather season in Nebraska, and June has not disappointed. Nebraska has seen significant severe weather events over the last two weeks, with the widespread hailstorm that blanketed the area from areas north of Neligh to Norfolk to Blair on June 3rd, and the extreme tornadoes that affected areas of northeast Nebraska early this […]

It’s a question that occupies every farmer and landowner’s thoughts on a regular basis: What is the return on investment of my farm operation? Am I making the right decisions when it comes to my input costs? Am I marketing my crops effectively? These are important questions, and rightly so—any successful business owner knows that […]

After multiple extensions and delays, the Agricultural Act of 2014—more widely known as the Farm Bill—was finally passed by Congress and signed into law by the president in February. Since then, it has been up to the USDA and other agencies to integrate the changes the bill contains, to work through the specific rules for […]

Farmers across the nation are hard at work getting their crops into the ground as we head into the final two weeks of May. The latest USDA weekly crop progress estimates from Monday showed progress being made for both corn and soybeans over the last two weeks. In Nebraska, farmers have also moved forward and […]

When it comes to deriving an income from their farmland, landowners have a variety of options from which to choose. For many, farming it themselves is suitable. For others, leasing their land to others to farm is a good option. Another alternative for many landowners is to enter some of their land into the Conservation […]

It’s planting season across the Midwest, and Nebraska farmers are eager to get their crops into the ground. A colder than normal winter with low levels of snowfall has left soil moisture at a premium, and while recent rainfall is a welcome remedy to lower than optimal soil moisture, the rain and cool temperatures are […]

Despite a downturn in grain prices and lower net farm income expectations among farmers and investors across the Midwest, demand for high quality farmland remains strong. A limited supply of such quality ground is contributing to a healthy demand for premium farm acres, even though prices for farmland in general seem to be moderating following […]

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