8 Situations Where A Farm Manager Can Help You As a Landowner

  1. Leasing Your Farm to a Family Member/Neighbor: This situation can make it hard for you to set a rate that is fair to both parties involved. The family member/neighbor renting the land may take it personal when you want to change the rent. When a third party is involved, both parties can ensure that the lease is fair and no personal relationship harm is done.
  2. Profitable Ownership: Dealing with a large number of farms/ranches, we are experienced in determining a market-derived rent that will help you realize profitable ownership for years to come. Crop prices/inputs change every year, and in some cases the rent should also. We also offer a Flexible Lease option which has proven to be mutually beneficial to the landowner and tenant. If crop prices go up, you will receive a “bonus” rent payment. Our approach yields a good return and a long lasting partnership with the farmer who is leasing your farmland.
  3. Keeping Your Farm Fertile: With the current situation of low crop prices, some tenants have cut the amount of fertilizer they apply since it is “Rented Ground”. They may have also baled up the cornstalk residue and removed it from the farm. This will cause your farm to become less valuable/fertile. It will also make it harder to rent your land out, because potential tenants may have seen what previous tenants have done to your land. UFARM makes sure the correct amount of fertilizer is applied every year to ensure your farm stays fertile. Together, we will make your farm as profitable and fertile as possible.
  4. Keeping Up With Technology: Over the years, farming has changed drastically. In the past 3-7 years, a large number of irrigation pivots have been updated so they can be remotely controlled. The tenant may have changed your pivot over without you even knowing. This has caused pivot malfunctions in some cases if the pivot technology was not installed properly. We take steps to ensure technology is used correctly to protect your assets.
  5. Making Your Farm Sustainable: With the recent droughts that have occurred, we have worked with tenants to make sure they are utilizing water to the fullest. Technologies such as “Soil Moisture Monitors” and “Water Meters” have allowed our tenants to utilize water to its fullest and make sure we are doing our best to conserve our precious natural resource. We have encouraged the use of “Cover Crops” to increase the productivity of our farms and to also prevent erosion.
  6. Keeping Your Equipment Maintained: The cost of replacing an irrigation pivot is over $75,000, the cost of replacing an irrigation well is over $60,000, and the cost of a new irrigation power unit is close to $30,000. It is important that this equipment is well-maintained and properly serviced to ensure a full lifespan. At UFARM, we check your equipment to make sure the tenant is properly taking care of your investment. We get our hands dirty so you don’t have to.
  7. Is Your Lease Legally Protected?: Our leases are written by lawyers to ensure our landowners are legally protected. Our lease guarantees you will receive your rent every year. When you receive a bill for fixing your equipment, we will make sure that your equipment was actually worked on. We can also make sure the tenant pays for part of the expenses, especially if it was due to the tenant’s failure to maintain the equipment.
  8. The Future Of Your Land: The land management services that we provide will ensure profitable ownership for years to come. We will continually look for ways to improve your land investment. Maybe your land could use some tile in order to bring some land back into production, maybe the irrigation equipment needs an overhaul, or maybe part of the farm could use some manure or lime. Whatever the issue, an experienced UFARM land manager can help you today. We will visit the farm several times per year so you can have peace of mind that your land is being taken care of. We make sure the ditches get mowed, the weeds sprayed, and the equipment serviced. Our office staff will provide you with a detailed income statement that will make it easy for your tax accountant to file your taxes.