Office Availability Due to COVID-19

All of us at UFARM are hoping that all of you are staying healthy! We understand that for certain parts of the country this could be one of the worst weeks for the virus. In Nebraska, we have been fortunate to have had a relatively low incidence at this point, but it sounds like our peak might be coming the end of April.

In case you contact one of our offices, please note that our staff has made a point to work remotely as much as possible, although one person may be in our offices as circumstances allow.

We have been taking some time when the weather cooperates to make some farm visits even though there isn’t a lot going on yet. Your farms are the start of the food chain that still needs to feed everyone and we are preparing the soils to get that done.

Our prayers are with you during this difficult time in our nation. Please contact us if you should need anything!