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Office Availability Due to COVID-19

Office Availability Due to COVID-19 All of us at UFARM are hoping that all of you are staying healthy! We understand that for certain parts of the country this could be one of the worst weeks for the virus. In Nebraska, we have been fortunate to have had a relatively low incidence at this point, […]

How Are Crops Looking in Northeast Nebraska?

How Are Crops Looking in Northeast Nebraska? UFARM Land Manager Andrew Stech, from the Norfolk, Nebraska office has been on the ground inspecting crops. He reports, “Crops are looking good in northeast Nebraska. The wet spring caused pockets of land to not be planted. A lot of the prevent plant land got planted to a […]

How to Legally Terminate a Farm Lease

At some point or another, issues may arise between landowners and tenants regarding farmland leases. These issues are often complicated due to unwritten, verbal “handshake” agreements, where the involved parties have different recollections of what the lease entailed. Should it be determined by either party to terminate a farm lease, the issue may become more […]

Nebraska Flood Damage 2019

Nebraska flooding occurred in Central and Eastern Nebraska starting on Wednesday, March 13th. The mixture of snow on the frozen ground along with the 4 inches of rain that fell created a flooding disaster that was not expected. Livestock producers have been hit hard by this flood. Many have found it hard to get to […]

Cover Crops: The Future Or Just A Fad?

Cover Crops: The Future Or Just A Fad? In recent years, the addition of cover crops into a corn/soybean rotational cropping system has become more popular as the potential benefits of cover crops have become more widely recognized. Cover crops offer a wide variety of benefits to soil structure and health, but they can also […]